There are many ways to support The WaterFront Center


Providing world class sailing instruction and marine science programing would not be possible without a strong community of supporters and every contribution is important. Whether you decide to give a one-time gift or commit to becoming a monthly supporter. All donations directly support connecting people to the water through education and recreation


Join our loyal community of volunteers who devote their energy and time toward ensuring access to the water for thousands of people every year! From tagging horseshoe crabs during a full moon to crewing aboard Christeen, our volunteers provide us with the support needed to realize our mission.

Event Sponsor

The WaterFront Center Serves over 20,000 people annually. Accomplishing this feat would prove more difficult without the support of local businesses and organizations. With a number of regattas, events, fundraisers, and promotional materials, there are many opportunities to become a sponsor and express your business/organization’s commitment to providing access to the water to our community.

Capital Supporter

The WaterFront Center relies on boats and floats as our main capital assets and both are rapidly depreciating assets with a short life span. The Horizon Fund provides funding for large capital projects and financial security for the long haul. Our ability to provide affordable access to the water hinges on our ability to keep these assets up to date and running at 100% capacity.

How is Your Donation Used?

The WaterFront Center is a non-profit organization that provides quality sailing instruction and marine education below cost. This enables the broadest possible audience to engage in one of our programs or activities. Every year we rely on the generosity of our supporters to account for approximately 25% of our annual budget.

Way to Give

Without the WaterFront Center, some kids (like me) may not have been given the opportunity to participate in such a special activity or learn about the environment and marine life. It transformed my life, and I am sure it transforms others’ as well.

- Richie Kertatos
WFC Race Team, WFC Staff, Oyster Bay Sailing Team

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