TOP 5 Online Home Education Resources for Marine Science!

At the Waterfront Center we want to provide assistance to parents during these trying times. We understand the hardships of working from home while also trying to provide educational entertainment for your children. Here are some helpful websites that can immerse you and your children in educational and fun videos in all aspects of Marine science. You might have to stay inside but that doesn’t mean your mind has to as well!


Swimming up a Live-Stream

While you can’t go out to the aquarium, you can now bring the aquarium to you! The National Aquarium in Baltimore, Maryland has set up live streams so that you and your family can try to spy Blacktip reef sharks, be immersed in a jellies invasion, or explore the Pacific coral reef. 



Videos, and Games, and Experiments Oh My!

Want a more hands on Experience? Then try this next website. Ology is defined as “The study of” So while your kids may not be in school they can still explore Marine Biology through educational videos, games, stories, and even perform their own hands on experiments!



Dive into the underwater Twilight Zone

If you are willing to do more than just scratch the surface, then you can dive even deeper with this next website. Dive & Discover provides amazing insight into deep sea submergence research. Learn about deep sea exploration through real life expeditions and go in depth on topics such as earth anatomy, ocean circulation, underwater vehicles, and ice ages. 



A Portal to the Ocean

For all the younger kids looking to grasp basic concepts, explore National Geographic kids Ocean portal. They have videos from “A Dolphins Not A Fish” to “Hanging Out With Chinstrap Penguins”. Done watching videos? Then test your knowledge on animals like sharks, freaky frogs, and how to save the earth.



Link yourself to the Sea

Immerse yourself in different underwater worlds. This website has tons of links to videos on water life from around the world. You can go to the amazon and experience the Dolphins known as ‘Boutus’ with their extended snouts or witness how Day Octopuses are master camouflagers. After explore their Ted Talks where it links you to specific talks based on categories like Ocean life, fishes, and biodiversity