The Future of Kayaking

The new Hobie pedal kayaks are a great addition to our rental fleet due to their myriad of uses. With Hobie’s patented mirage drive, a set-up similar to a recumbent bicycle attached to flippers, you can use your legs rather than arms to paddle, using your legs provides more power and stamina four you to cruise up and down the coast of West Harbor.
The steering mechanism is a small rudder controlled by a joystick; the way you push it is the direction to which you will glide. The drive features a forward and reverse function that spins the flippers to change the direction of thrust, giving you maximum control.

The seats are even more comfortable than the soft seats used on our single and double Hobie kayaks, offering the user even more comfort as they cruise the harbor. The additional support and comfort also makes it easier to get in and out of the boat whether entering or exiting on the dock or beach. It also allows you to sit slightly higher above the water and offers reclining lumber support, giving you another reason to smile ear to ear.

The pedal kayak appeals to those who may have less upper body strength or have injuries such as frozen shoulder syndrome, torn rotator cuffs, and more. since it is a bit more comfortable, faster, and more agile it is a great option for parents who find themselves chasing after their kids!

Another beautiful feature of this kayak is the rod holders for fishermen looking for better ways to access some of the great fishing spots that are hard to get to on foot, or too shallow for a powerboat to access. Additionally, this feature also gives you the ability to troll up and down the shoreline in search of your next great catch! With all its extra features, it could be considered the Cadillac, Mercedes, or BMW of our kayak fleet.