Sea Turtle Webinar Tomorrow!

Hey parents and kids! Mark the date on your calendars for an at home learning turtle experience.On March 27th 2pm EST (11am PST) SeeTurtles.org is hosting a Sea Turtle Webinar. In this kid friendly webinar you and your family can learn all about sea turtles. They will take you through all aspects of a sea turtle’s life from their anatomy to their habitat. They will show unique videos and photos from some of their explorations and experiences. Then they will take you through how you can do your part on how to help protect our precious sea turtles. Still have questions? After your brain is filled with sea turtle knowledge, they will open up the webinar to any more questions you could have on sea turtles. 

Register for the Webinar Here

See Turtles is an organization aimed to protect endangered sea turtles by educating the public on turtle conservation, providing volunteer trips, their Billion Baby Turtle project and the Too Rare to Wear initiative. 

On your next adventure outside see what turtles you can find! The Atlantic green, Kemp’s Ridley, and loggerhead are Sea turtles all native to the waters surrounding the long island with the Kemp’s Ridley being the most common. 

Remember if you ever find an endangered Sea Turtle use caution and do not touch it. Sea turtles are not supposed to be found on land which immediately indicates that something is wrong. Here is who to contact in case you ever come across a turtle in need. 

24-hour stranding hotline at (631) 369-9829