--------------------------------------------------------------------------- The WaterFront Center is proud to offer learning opportunities for students of all ages. Our topics can be used to introduce, supplement, reinforce, or provide enrichment to students. We offer standard and multi-day field trips, camp and vacation programs, school partnerships, scout programing, and ongoing research projects. If you are unable to come to us, many programs can be brought to your location whether school or local estuary for your convenience. Our hands-on marine education programs, with a focus on inquiry and discovery, were created by a New York State certified teacher to reinforce New York State Standards and the concepts needed for the State Assessment tests. Teachers can use these programs as a unique addition to a science unit, to make connections across different subject areas, or as a culminating experience to reinforce prior knowledge and curriculum. Our low student/teacher ratio enables us to emphasize experiential learning. Please contact us with any questions; and remember – most programs can be adapted to meet your specific needs. We also offer STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) Programs! *Subject matter covered is tailored to meet the needs of your specific grade level or group needs.

Biology & Ecology

Our unique location allows us to further explore the lives and habitats of marine creatures from clams and oysters to horseshoe crabs and even sea stars and sea sponges!

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Earth & Physical Science

Is your class looking to learn more about geography and/or geology?  Perhaps the water cycle, water conservation, and weather are the focus of your studies.  Detect differences between salt water and freshwater, learn about the various properties of water, or explore the adverse effects pollution has on the aquatic environment.

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Marine Exploration & Innovation

Want to learn the basics of marine navigation?  How do people communicate on the water?  In these units, we explore nautical history in addition to technological advances from boat building and designing ROVs to determining how marine life and materials from the sea can inspire innovative solutions to everyday problems.

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Data Collection & Research

We also collaborate with organizations, schools, and local citizens in a variety of ongoing projects.    Volunteers can participate in these opportunities by not only aiding in gathering data, but in processing and analyzing it as well.   Dates and times for these different opportunities will be on the website.

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Custom Programs & Activities

Do you have a big class?  Unsure what program to choose?  Each activity's length and subject matter can be tailored to fit a group's needs and goals.  We are also happy to align classes with specific learning types/ styles.  For younger students, we offer story-based curriculum.  Lessons can also be guided, inquiry focused, or project-based.  Additionally, we pride ourselves on place-based learning skills.

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