Welcome Aboard: Ranger Molly

Fortunately, I played outside as a child and currently, I continue my career path in the great outdoors. I hold a bachelors degree in Environmental Science from Stony Brook University and continuously thereafter have taught Environmental Education while additionally wearing a Park Ranger Hat (figuratively and literally) and always ending up with mentoring, supervising and managing. I enjoy leading people to explore and learn about the natural world.

As a field investigator in the rain forest environment, I conducted a 3-month long independent research at Ranomafana National Park, Republic of Madagascar (Malagasy), East Africa, while living in a small tent. Engulfed by vegetation and wildlife I set out to study. The project was inspired by my son Joshua who has a love for frogs. He and I would often go frogging together after school and bring friends who were up for the adventure. Here in New York, we have 14 species of Frogs and Toads compared to Madagascar that boasts of over 300 species! My guide and I discovered 2 new species during our survey. More interest in amphibians of Madagascar sparked after the completion of my research was presented to Field Scientists that study in Madagascar.

I co-authored an Invasive Plant Species Management Plan for New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation, assisted with diamondback terrapin turtle (Malaclemys terrapin) surveys and monitoring along with implementing nest protection strategies. Stewardship of lands and natural resources, scientific excellence are always of the utmost importance for future generations.

As a Coastal Resiliency Park Ranger for U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service, a position supported by Hurricane Sandy Resiliency Grants, I installed Surface Elevation Tables among other tasks.

As an educator in an urban environment, I taught in all five New York City boroughs to students that had limited access to environmentally-protected wildlife preserves. I directed workshops on environmental protection for formal and informal inner-city educators. Supervised and trained environmental educators. Supervised invasive plant removal and management. Assisted with operations at a trout hatchery.

I’ve explored and studied all over Long Island and serval locations beyond. I grew up as a daughter of a Naval Air Force Father in a family of 8 children. We relocated all over the States and even landed in Chalk Pit Cottage Beaconsfield Buckingham England for several years, where I picked up and sadly lost, the English accent. My fiancé Michael and I traveled to Yosemite and toured Oregon and Washington National Parks on a rented motorcycle. Michael makes me laugh every day and reminds me to do the same for everyone I’m around because we all need to have fun.

I first heard about the WaterFront Center when my son Joshua attended Private School at Laurel Hill in East Setauket. I knew he & I both would love the adventure of sailing and exploring the marine environment. I’ve been a single mom alone, working, studying and being a mom so alas we did not get to the WaterFront Center yet. Several years later I filled my summers off, with employment at The WaterFront center. Finally, my son can easily visit this special spot (despite his busy schedule working as and studying to become a civil engineer). I continue my goal to connect people with adventure learning hands-on in the great outdoors, as I happily receive the same benefit.

The insight I’ve gained in life and career will benefit and enhance future participants experiences at the WaterFront Center. I’m thrilled to now accept full-time Supervisory & Advisory role at The WaterFront Center! They promote safety, fun, fairness, good citizens, extraordinary sailing opportunities and highly developed Marine exploring and education activities that are exciting and fun! This is where my heart is found.