Connection People to the Water Through Education and Recreation

Our Community

To ensure that everyone has access to the water, The WaterFront Center provides a variety of free programs for our community. These experiences are unique and valuable toward building a community of stewards that will continue to ensure that Oyster Bay is an available resource for generations to come.

Community Programs

V. O. W.

Veterans On Water

Sailing is often recommended for veterans as a therapeutic outlet that combines the challenge of seamanship with the serenity of being on the water. As an expression of continuing gratitude for their service, The WaterFront Center provides this program at no cost to veterans, retirees, & active-duty service members.


Adaptive Sailing

When these sailors get on the water, they leave their differences on the dock. Powered by volunteers and designed for children, adolescents, and adults with physical, sensory, intellectual, and mental health disabilities, this program ensures that sailing is a sport everyone can enjoy.

Partner Organizations


Providing unique on-water experiences to young people who might not other- wise be able to enjoy Oyster Bay to it's fullest. The WaterFront Center assists the Youth and Family Counseling Agency of Oyster Bay-East Norwich in their mission to enrich the lives of young people by exposing them to healthy leisure activities and experiences.


The best way to get closer with Oyster Bay is to hold it in your hands. The WaterFront Center brings marine life to any event with an interactive touch tank filled with species fresh out of Oyster Bay and the surrounding waters! Catch us at these premier community events:

  • Rotary Club of Oyster Bay
  • Mill Neck Family of Organizations
  • CSH Whaling Museum
  • CSH Fish Hatchery
  • Oyster Bay Main Street Association


In aide of the Boys & Girls Clubs' quest to help the young people reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens, The WaterFront Center provides supplemental activities to programs at the B&G Clubs of Oyster Bay-East Norwich and Glen Cove all year round.


Bridging the gap between generations, young people interact and bond with the 55+ community over a variety of experiences and activities based around thewate rs of Oyster Bay in this partnership with The Life Enrichment Center, the Youth and Family Counseling Agency of Oyster Bay-East Norwich, and The WaterFront Center.

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