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The WaterFront Center is a non-profit organization that provides quality sailing instruction and marine education below cost. This enables the broadest possible audience to engage in one of our programs or activities. Every year we rely on the generosity of our supporters to account for approximately 25% of our annual budget.

2016 Annual Report

Dear Friends:

As we enter our 17th year of serving the public, we are happy to report that the
WaterFront Center is thriving in many ways. We wish to thank all our supporters
- financial donors and volunteers - who contributed to our success. Without you,
the WaterFront Center would be unable to fulfill its mission of connecting people
to the water. Through connection, stewardship grows.

It takes great effort to raise funds every year to support operations - about
25% of our budget. This is what allows us to keep programs affordable, provide
scholarships and make West Harbor accessible to the widest audience. We raise
money through the Annual Fund, LOG, Annual Benefit and Auction, and Benefit
Regatta. We thank every person and organization that participated in these appeals.

The Horizon Fund was established in 2015 to obtain meaningful commitments
of financial support from people and organizations for capital projects
necessary for the long-term health of the WaterFront Center. We are an organization
whose assets are largely outside and on the water, requiring constant maintenance as
well as predictable and unpredictable replacement. The Horizon Fund will provide
financial security in funding important capital improvements, and in this report we
thank our early contributors.

If you look at our Program Guide, website and social media, you’ll get a feel
for the variety of programs the WaterFront Center offers. Each year there is something
new and improved. What is more difficult to convey is the reception of these offerings
by school children, teens and adults from all walks of life. Fun, astonishment,
awareness, accomplishment, wonder, appreciation, determination, friendships, teamwork,
responsibility, personal growth… Sometimes we can capture these enrichment
returns in our customers in a photo or a thank you note. Mostly, these are the kinds
of intangibles you just have to experience for yourself. So, come on down!

On behalf of our board and staff, we thank our contributors and volunteers
for everything you do for the WaterFront Center. For those new to our organization,
we hope you will find the inspiration to support our mission and sustain our organization.

We count on your ongoing dedication.
With gratitude,

Jamie T. Deming                   Mike Drennan
Co-President                          Co-President

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